Wireless not working after flashing AX88U

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Hi Guys

I'm in some desperate help. I have just updated my firmware on the AX88U to the latest stable Merlin Firmware (not BETA)

After upgrading and waiting 3 minutes the popup message stated I manually reboot my Asus. I did and I have a red light for the WAN (internet) LED and no wireless shows up.

I ended up rolling back to the ASUS firmware.


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Don't believe messages from your browser (which is now 'disconnected' from the router, btw). You have to have much more patience than that. :)

The wireless may take 10 minutes or more to show up as it is scanning for DFS channels first.

'Latest stable RMerlin firmware' is much too vague... For myself, the 386.1 Beta 4 is that firmware, for example.

I suggest you flash the firmware you want to use again and follow the steps below.

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If the above doesn't get you a stable, reliable, and fast router/network, then the following guide is suggested (to be followed up by the above link afterward).

Fully Reset Router and Network

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