(XT8) router.asus.com unreachable when router is offline


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When offline (modem has lost the internet connection) my asus router (xt8) is inaccessible via router.asus.com but still reachable via ip address ( When this happens the router's web server becomes unusable and I can't even access my modem (

When online:
ping router.asus.com => OK
ping => OK
ping (modem) => OK

When offline (unplug modem's dsl cable)
ping router.asus.com => KO
ping => OK
ping => KO

I switched from a google mesh to an asus mesh in order to have full control of my router and network even when I'm offline (third country location, internet is unstable), it really becomes a pain when trying to diagnose.

How could I solve this?

Thanks in advance.


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Try going to Administration - System and setting "Enable WAN down browser redirect notice" to No.

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