ZenWifi XT8 Slow Node Ethernet Speed

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New Around Here
I am currently having a strange issue with my devices. Using ethernet to a laptop connected to the main unit, I am getting 900+ Mbps down and up. When using ethernet to the node (same device and ethernet cable), I am only getting about 300 down and 800 up. I was originally trying this in another room, but just to be safe I moved the node to be within 3m of the main unit, but I get the exact same results. This is specifically with the wireless backhaul on the second 5 Ghz band. The ethernet backhaul works perfect but that is not an option for my usage. QoS is disabled, enabling/disabling the firewall made no difference, I also attempted using different channels and even making sure I was on a channel that was not radar sensitive. Here is some of the info on the 5.2 band (that I confirmed is used for backhaul) in my wireless log:

-49dBm ax No Yes Yes Yes 4 160M 2882.3M 2882.3M

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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