1. J


    RT-AC86U with Merlin 314.15, RT-AC68U aimesh node with same f/w, diversion, uidivstats, skynet, scribe, uiscribe, OpenVPN for select clients, conmon, spdMerlin, scmerlin, nsrum Hi, folks, Could someone tell me possibly what is going on in and around my little home network here from the chart...
  2. Laxarus

    2nd 5Ghz and AiMesh

    Hello, I have Aimesh setup with 3 lyra units and 1 main AC-5300 using wired backhaul. After updating Merlin 384.15, I've noticed the second 5ghz wi-fi band cannot be clicked on the main router page. Clicking 5Ghz-2 under system status gives below notice: "5 GHz-2 is now used as dedicated WiFi...
  3. chance

    How to verify switch mode of AiMesh node?

    Does asuswrt have a running config file equivalent? I would like to be able to check the diff between the aimesh router config and the aimesh node config to see exactly what is getting pushed down. Specifically I want to know if the aimesh node is operating in store and forward or cut through...
  4. B

    AiMesh network from different routers

    Hi. I have an AiMesh network (RT-AC88U - main, 2 node: RT-AC88U and RT-AC86U). Node are connected to the main router in LAN ports. Can I connect Lyra MAP-AC1300 (2 pcs) also directly to the LAN port of the main router?
  5. R

    Aimesh info

    I use a 86U as a Aimesh router, with 2 66u_B1s as nodes, one with wired backhaul, one wireless. This is not a bug report as it is not recommended to use merlin on nodes, but just for information. The last 3 versions of merlin the wireless node would lose AImesh connection after about 8 hrs, you...
  6. A

    Unable to reach local clients after roaming

    Hi I have a AiMesh setup: Ac86: router Ac68u: node I am running with wireless backhaul. I have disabled smart connect as this gave a lot of disconnects. Everything works fine and stable except that if a client (e.g. iPhone) roams from...
  7. CaptnDanLKW

    AIMesh, SmartConnect and Roaming Assist best practices?

    I've been running AIMesh with SmartConnect enabled for a couple months and I'm not happy with client placement at times. Some of my distant 5Ghz clients, like a FireStick4k is staying connected to the main Router that's 100ft away, with a signal of approx -74db on 2.4Ghz when there is a AIMesh...
  8. COBOL-Coder

    Need an AiMesh (2nd router) recommendation.

    Hi all. Ok, 6 mos. or so I replaced my older ASUS dual band router with my current RT AC-5300 because I accumulated more devices in need of WiFi. My house, a medium sized 4 bedroom is all lathe & plaster and 2 rooms are far apart seperated by multiple walls. When I purchased the AC-5300 I did...
  9. gundrted

    GT-AX11000 and Looking to add rt-ax58u

    I have a ax11000 and it's running great. I have an old MacBook Pro with a slowly failing wireless NIC and a second Windows laptop in the same location. My house is old (built in the 40s) and there is no option to run rj45 to the location. The basic requirements are at least 2 (maybe 3) gig...
  10. D

    Merlin AiMesh extremely unstable

    Just spent 4h of my life trying to install Merlin on a new AC88U and an old AC68U. Eventually everything went well but I am getting an extremely unstable AiMesh network. The 88U is used as the main router and it is around 10m away from the 68U which is connected to desktop 1 and a powerline -...
  11. O

    RT-AX88U Router + ZenWifi XT8 Nodes?

    I already own an RT-AX88U, and use it as the only router in my network. I would like to expand the network and add some wireless nodes using AiMesh. In particular, I'm thinking about a pair of the new ZenWifi XT8 to add as the nodes. Would continuing to use the RT-AX88U as the main ROUTER...
  12. K

    AImesh blocks my minecraft LAN ?

    Hi I have a ax88 router and by wifi I can play multiplayer minecraft on a game published on one of the computers bu the ingame LAN-mode (easy) 2 computers on WLAN 5G - everything works great. PROBLEM: I have just added a ax92 to get better coverage and the 92 is connected via cable to the...
  13. HearToLearn

    AiMesh channel change cron job

    Hi all, long time lurker first time poster. I've recently upgraded my home network with an RT-AX88 and RT-AX92u to improve my coverage, although I have recently discover AiMesh might not be the best choice? Is it possible to utilise the nvram cli in some simple shell script in conjunction with...
  14. Z

    AC-86u AIMesh help

    Hello guys. I am trying to build stable internet for my office but I am little confused. I have like 50 clients(10-15 on each node) in my AIMesh(2x AC-86U + 2x AC-1900U). For the last months I was using the default settings but my two AC-86U obviously had problems with that. Every day one of...
  15. gogreen1

    Antenna direction and replacement questions

    I have an Asus RT-AC68U. I'm experimenting with antenna direction and replacement. I hate to ask a dumb question, but what is the best placement for the three antennas? Angle the two outside antennas at about 45 degrees parallel to the router and let the middle antenna stand straight up? And to...
  16. J

    Warning from log file?

    RT-AC86U with Asus Merlin F/W and RT-AC68U aimesh node, diversion & skynet. I have refrained in the past from asking questions about the messages from the log file and beyond because I got the impression that the guys that know what is going on don't appreciate those of us who don't asking...
  17. E

    Aimesh bad speeds when reconnecting to main router

    So I'm running aimesh with 2 ac68u nodes and 1 ax58u as router. If I go to 1 node and gets connected to it and then go back in range of main router, i then get 3-50 up and down. If i turn on and off my wifi i will get 250-400up and down. This is really frustrating, any idea why this happens ...
  18. H

    Aimesh with AC88U and AC86U

    Hello, First thanks for the great work on the Asuswrt-Merlin. Second I plan to use an AC88U running the latest 383.14.0 firmware with an AC86U that will also have 383.14.0. When it says that I need to factory default... Both need to be factory reset?? Or only the AC86U that i'm adding to the...
  19. xulian

    Naming aimesh nodes

    Hi, I have a setup with 3 nodes and only main one is able to set a name within the LAN device name section. Others keep the device model name as defaults. Any chance to assign my own device names there so I can access them other way than IP mode? thanks
  20. xulian

    entware install on aimesh nodes

    Hello, already read here that aimesh nodes are not being accessed by their webuis but I saw I can change some parameters from the asus App. Didn't find there the ssh server options in order to be able to connect them from there and install few server apps I want to be run from a node different...