1. xavvypls

    Asus RT AC5300 died. Should I upgrade / repair / repurchase?

    So a few days ago a my Asus RT AC5300 died in a power outage / power surge when lightning struck a powerline near my home. I had no problems with this router and it's been an amazing 4 years of use with it. So here's my dilemma. I contacted ASUS about it and they said that since it's not under...
  2. A

    Can I export report from web history on 384.11 - Asus RT-88U

    I wonder if I am able to export a report for the web history if there's anyway to do that please guide me. Regards.
  3. W

    10G Router recommendation

    Upgrading my home network and needed some recommendations from gurus here. Two things are driving the change: 1. Internet speed finally switching to 1Gbps (hopefully a little more than that) 2. Need fast access from Macbook to NAS for 4k video editing Currently my WiFi AP is performing the...
  4. Julio Urquidi

    TRENDnet Adds Router Limits Bandwidth Monitoring and Speed Test Support

    The two new Router Limits network management features will be available via free firmware download from TRENDnet, and applicable to these three TRENDnet routers: AC3000 Tri-Band Wireless Gigabit Dual-WAN VPN SMB Router (TEW-829DRU) AC2600 MU-MIMO WiFi Router (TEW-827DRU) Gigabit Multi-WAN VPN...
  5. Q

    Your suggestions needed for router upgrade

    Hi all, I need your suggestion for a router upgrade. Actually I'm using an RT-AC66U (Mipsel/Single Core) with Entware-NG. All worked fine, even if I'm stuck to last Merlin fw 380.70, until I upgraded from VDSL 100/20 to FTTH 1000/300. My RT-66U starts soffering... A PC connected to new modem can...
  6. T

    Wanted some insight, to see if this setup would work!

    So, I currently have 2 routers. One is a Linksys and the other is an ASUS, I don't think models really make a difference in the scenario. Basically, I want to separate these routers entirely, but I want them to run off the same connection, with different IP's and devices connected would be...
  7. T

    ASUS n66u keeps dropping connection

    So, my router will randomly drop connection throughout the day and it happens several times. I look at the system logs, but have no idea what I'm looking at. I am going to post the logs here, if someone can tell me what is happening to make the connection drop, I would greatly appreciate it...
  8. Julio Urquidi

    NETGEAR Announces Cybersecurity Wi-Fi Router

    NETGEAR’s Nighthawk RS400 Cybersecurity Wi-Fi Router includes several security features, including anti-virus, anti-malware and data protection for all connected devices. Powered by Bitdefender, the RS400 is designed to protect a small network, protecting devices from malicious attacks and...
  9. Jayce Ooi

    [Review] Asus GT-AC2900

    Author's Note: The original review can be found at my blog - Asus GT-AC2900 Review @ My fellow gamers, meet the most stylish router from Asus yet – ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 with Aura lighting. Enjoy Triple-level Game Accelerator, Nvidia GeForce Now, AiMesh and Front-line Network...
  10. J

    Need a router capable of 1 gbps in small apartment

    Hi, I'm currently on the lookout for a router that is capable of delivering speeds of 1000/1000 mbps in a small apartment (~ 350 sq ft) with only a living room and bedroom with walls to what seem to be concrete. Any advice on which router to get would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. A

    Trying to get Merlin on my RT-AC87U !?

    Hi all, I hope someone can help, Im new to customising the firmware on routers so I may be missing something simple, I have a RT-AC87U with the latest Asus Firmware, and im trying to put on the latest Merlin Custom firmware...
  12. B

    [RT-AC86u] Not Booting - stuck on WLAN / Power Lights

    After a power failure last night, everything else has come back up except for the RT-AC86u router which is gets stuck on WLAN + Power lights then no further sign of activity. No LAN or WAN lights etc. WLAN is not detected on my phone either. Router is plugged in to a surge protector and...
  13. S

    Asus RT-AC88U AC3100 component level board repair

    Hello, Thanks in advance for your help. I've been using this router since 2016, then as of recently it is no longer receiving power. There are no lights. I've tried 2 power adapters, and tested their voltage; the power adapters are not the issue. The unit had a 2 year warranty, and it's...
  14. TanyaC

    Cannot access router admin page & some websites

    Two days ago I added a MAC address to my WiFi whitelist, everything was fine Today I go to log in to my router (An RT-AC88u on 384.7.2 IIRC), and I cannot access it. I can access the login page. After typing credentials, I get either a blank browser page, or a partial display of some of the...
  15. jonkul

    Gbit QoS, router choice

    Hi! Anyone happen to know of a router that can handle full gbit speeds with QoS enabled? Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Asus newer routers even? Thanks!
  16. Jurgen

    How to access ROUTER when RESET is already made and default usernames and passwords doesn't work?

    I have an old router if i can say, that is made already reset to it and default usernames and passwords doesn't work. It has been functional somewhere else before but I haven't used before in my house and my internet. I have tried a lot of combinations, I don't have the manual of the router, the...
  17. Julio Urquidi

    EnGenius Now Shipping Budget-Priced Dual-Band Mesh Router

    With an MSRP of $69.99, EnGenius’ new ESR530 is a dual-band wireless AC router that can grow up to an 8-node wireless mesh network. Powered by Qualcomm, the new mesh product was designed for the consumer market and includes seamless roaming and self-healing - functions typically found in...
  18. Julio Urquidi

    TP-Link Announces Value Priced Archer A Series of Wi-Fi 5 Routers

    TP-Link is introducing a six-product Wi-Fi 5 Archer A wireless router family. Marketed as being priced 20% to 30% less than their competitors’ routers, the Archer A Series wireless routers range from $39.99 to $199.99 each. Maximum link rates, interfaces, pricing and highlighted features for...
  19. Julio Urquidi

    NETGEAR Releases $200 Nighthawk Gaming Router

    Powered by NetDuma’s DumaOS, a dual-core 1 GHz processor, and 128 MB Flash and 512 MB RAM, NETGEAR’s new dual-band Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR300 Wi-Fi Router includes several features catering to improve customers' overall gaming experience. Features designed to minimize lag include a...
  20. S

    Router with VPN and bandwidth throttling.

    Hello best snbforums! I would like to ask if you guys can recommend me a kinda easy to use router under 200 USD (non-computer). Requirments: *Possibility to set two different VPN on different ports Example nordvpn port1, expressvpn port2. *Thorottling down bandwidth on specific ports...