1. P

    RT-AC68U or RT-AC86U?

    Hey everyone. I have a fiber internet line of 100Mbps, with the router that came with it. I was thinking of upgrading, but I’m not sure which of the routers to upgrade to. I enjoy gaming (especially Overwatch), and since I play on European servers from South Africa, I need enough bandwidth to...
  2. G

    What do you guys rock for your VPN Router Setup ?


    New Router with Removable Antennae

    I'm interested in using a modern Netgear router (preferably just to keep things simple with other routers I'm using, or I'm open to something else) to replace an old Linksys WRT54G I use with a bespoke wireless antenna (an old DBS satellite dish) I made years ago as a wireless extender across a...
  4. D

    Switch recommendation to isolate LAN clients

    (7) Ethernet clients are connected to an Asus RT-AC88U which provides Internet access. I want to isolate the Ethernet clients from seeing / having any access to each other. To do this, the clients will be connected to a managed switch. The switch's uplink will be connected to the router. Each...
  5. J

    Cisco Network Exercises Ideas

    Hello my name is jacob, I am new to snbforums. I want to get in with an active community to help others and to ask questions of my own. I am beginning my journey of diving into the Cisco world more in depth . I am needing ideas for networks I can create here to practice at home . I have 3 Cisco...
  6. E

    Large House Wifi Options

    Hi, I have a very large, old home with plaster walls, which I have been covering using an asus ac3200 in the basement and a ac66u on the top floor. They are connect via a Cat 5 (maybe 5e) cable. The distance between the two wired contact points is about 50-75 feet in a straight line (3...
  7. H

    new to Asus routers - help would be appreciated !

    Hi, I just bought an Asus AT-AC88U and I have some generic questions on the router itself my firmware is : 2.094 and AiMesh Router: Current Version : a. are these the latest versions b. is there a mail service I can subscribe to and hear once there are firmware...
  8. LighthammerX

    Setting up an ASUS RT-N66U running Merlin on an existing network

    Greetings, I did some research on this forum and other sites on this topic, so if I am asking information that does exist and I missed, I apologize ahead of time; though this is a fairly esoteric situation. I've been running a server setup running FTP, Emby, HTTP and a few other services over...
  9. E

    Looking for the right router for our home

    We've been using a budget RT-N12C1 Asus router for many years, but wifi connections often drop down to below a single megabyte or less per second. Resetting the router or enabling a wireless mac filter usually brings the speed up to 30+ megabytes, while we're on a 60 megabyte plan (from...
  10. D

    Best wireless router with fast CPU for high VPN throughput?

    Normally I would go with x86 hardware for good VPN throughput speeds because the limiting factor is usually the CPU. However, in this case, I need to go with a wireless router. So which wireless router is decent all around and also has a powerful CPU for openvpn client? (Obviously, it will need...
  11. D

    RT-AC86U Set up disable wireless access to settings and autoupdate firmware

    Picked up an RT-AC86U to replace a WRT 1900AC and have it set running but two settings are frustrating me. I'm running the stock firmware on the RT-AC86U and want to disable wireless access to router settings so the router settings can only be accessed via hardwired ethernet (disable remote...
  12. B

    In need of a new router for 1gb fiber

    Hello, I'll be getting fiber soon. The company has said the provide a modem, but not a router. I don't know a whole lot about routers, so I wasn't quite sure what I should buy. I live in a small home and will be gaming on a wired connection. I was considering the ASUS RT-AC86U or RT-AC88U (this...
  13. W

    [Official Beta release] Lyra series AiMesh beta support

    Hi Everyone, This is the 1st beta release of Lyra series models for AiMesh support. Release note: - First beta release (based on branch) - Work with all ASUS models with AiMesh supported. - Lyra series covered: Lyra(MAP-AC2200), Lyra mini(MAP-AC1300), Lyra Trio(MAP-AC1750) -...
  14. A


    I have an ASUS RT-AC3200 router and when I am trying to use my xbox I am always on a strict NAT type and it is because it says I have a double NAT. I have been on google and tried pretty much everything with no luck. I live in an apartment complex so we have an ISP that is used throughout the...

    RT-AC86U WRT-Merlin, Ad Blocking Options

    From others experience which option is best for blocking Ads from all clients from within the router? I only ask as I've noticed there appears to be a few versions of Ad blocking for the router. I've never done this before, I've only ever used Little Snitch, and Browser Ad Blockers etc.
  16. J

    Router for DHCP + Switch for ethernet (possible?)

    Dear all I am not sure where this should be posted - (can it be moved if it is more suitable in a different category?) I was hoping to get some input on the following scenario: I currently run my home network as follows: All DHCP has been disabled on my internet modem (from the provider) The...
  17. C

    RT-AC1750 B1 or RT-AC1900P for AIMesh node?

    I'm currently using RT-AC88U and want to use AIMesh system so I look in the market for the cheaper way to make it work and come across these 2 models which are RT-AC1750 B1 for $73 (not sure if this is RT-AC66U B1 upgrade? what differences in performance? Does it compatible with Merlin...
  18. M

    Looking for home wireless

    First of all, that is my first post on forum, so I wanted to greet you all. My house is 4 storey, 70m2 (~750 ft2) each. It is semi-detached house. First storey, which is underground, is house for a car and jam jars, so I do not need connection here. Next 2 storeys are living area. I do require...
  19. S

    Help me build a Top of the Line Setup

    Hi there, I have spectrum 1 gig internet and a 15-20 year old really crap router currently and I am looking to redo my entire setup. Currently I have many devices hard wired (cat6) which are going to a switch that is set up in my networking closet (My tv's, desktop, and some cat 6 jacks are...
  20. G

    Looking for very budget router advice

    Hello, recently I discovered that my friend uses some very old 1 antenna tplink with g standard. Internet speed he claims that is 50 Mb/s (but it's max that this device is capable off so i'm not sure). I'm looking for cheap budget device as birthday present (price around 40$). Right now i'm...