386 RT-AC5300 release timing & work on 384 with RT-AC86U on 386?

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I have dual setup with AC5300 as master router and AC86U as AI Mesh node, wired backhaul (set to priority wired). I just upgraded to latest firmware released which is still 384 for the AC5300 but now 386 for the AC86U. I wanted to use the guest wi-fi across all nodes and also the system-wide wired backhaul mode. If I've understood it right this won't work yet as the AC5300 is still on 384 firmware. Is that right and does anyone know when 386 will be released for AC5300? I hope the split with the slave node on 386 won't cause issues.


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Thanks. I'd seen that but given I work from home now and so does my partner and kids some schooling, I didn't want to go sticking beta firmware on my main router. Hence apart from the (hopeful) question about release timing of prod firmware, I was really concerned that I'm not going to have an issue with running a split 384/386 versions other than not benefit from the latest changes in 386 as its only on the slave node.

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