ASUS DSL-AC68U Disconnecting from Sky

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Hi, first post, so please excuse any noob questions!

I'm having a problem with my router disconnecting from my ISP. I'm running the 384.17_gnuton firmware, connecting to Sky Broadband in the UK.

Any ideas or hints would be gratefully received!

It sometime up for minutes, sometimes hours, sometimes days!

Here's a snip of the log if that helps:-


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or here WOULD be a snip of the log if it would let me attach it



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Things I'd check/try....
  1. Was your Sky connection stable before 384.17_gnuton and when/what firmware was this? - If there is a stable previous set-up rollback and add configurations one at a time and test each one before the next until you encounter the problem again.
  2. Do you have another router/can borrow one to verify that it's not a hardware fault with the router?
  3. Try changing the cables; particularly if they are old.
  4. Are you running any scripts? - As per 1 rollback and add each in turn.
  5. Are you using any QOS; specifically Adaptive QOS? - Known Issues with Adaptive QOS
  6. Are your settings in WAN > Advanced Settings for WAN IP Setting and WAN DNS Setting Auto or Manual? - If DNS is Auto try setting to Manual and try /
  7. What is the setting in WAN > Account Settings for PPP Echo Interval and PPP Echo Max Failures? - Mine on Zen are 6/10 respectively.
Let us know how you get on...


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My guess is that iSP is trying to reassign to you a different IP which fails because.. i dunno :D
I have realeased a new beta which has the latest DSL firmware and DSL configs, hopefully that fixes your issue.


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I tried the latest beta on my DSL AC 68 U but can't set up the VPN. I use a paid VPN, ExpressVPN, and with the original firmware I use the OpenVPN protocol. With the new GNUton beta I can't get it to go, it doesn't let me save the setting etc.

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