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Asus RT-AX86S

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New Around Here
I bought recently Asus RT-AX86S wireless router, insatl them but I do no know to inslat VPN service from PIA VPN. I found some tutorila for 86U model butsetup is differente and cannot solve problem. Does anybodu have some tutorial or instruction for this particular model.
Thanks in advance Dusko
In VPN Fusion, click add profile:


In Profile select OpenVPN:


Import OpenVPN file from PIA:


Play with Connections to catch VPN Fusion device routing logic:


Unfortunately, this is NOT included in the User Guide and you have to figure it out yourself. Not very complicated though.

OpenVPN speed is limited to about 180Mbps max. This is what the router can do. It depends on the server you connect to as well.
Aftre your brief explanation I understood my problem and install, everything is ok. I was confused comparing with installation on Android phone and expecte same situation but obviosely it is differnte but when open mind is very easy, once again thanks

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