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Beta ASUS RT-AX88U Pro Firmware version (2023/03/21)

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Be noted: This is an early stage beta, there might be bugs. This version can be downgraded via web GUI only.

1. Recap new features of Guest network Pro(SDN), VLAN, Auto USB WAN backup, iPhone tethering, Multi-services WAN.
2. Re-defined VLAN, supports Trunk, Access mode with VLAN-only-network.
3. Synchronize Guest network pro (SDN) with VLAN, create/delete new VLAN-only-network will create/delete a new profile in Guest network as well.
4. Port isolation and AP isolation to restrict device access to each other.
5. Re-defined multi-service WAN, disable it by default.
6. Add surfshark VPN in VPN fusion.

Please unzip the firmware file first then check the MD5 code.
MD5: 7688d8106cbe86e3dcdc9f8bd314b84b

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I'm up and running with this beta firmware. Ai Protection will not update definitions so turned it off. Other minor issues. Took a long time to build in static ips etc for 30 devices.
Will someone chime in on this question please. Will the final non beta have wan aggregation included? When I was running this beta I did not even see an option for it. I get 1200mbps right now using it with my moto MB8600. I am sure the modem cannot push higher than 1 gigabit without the use via modem and router settings.

I'm running stock non beta right now. Sorry for any confusion.
Be noted: This is an early stage beta, there might be bugs. This version can be downgraded via web GUI only.

Be advised: Be noted doesn’t exist.

Note, Nota bene or Be advised.

There is no need for pleasantries such as please - no obligation.

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I'm strugling a bit with the VLAN implementation. I want to put the intranet only on one of the ports but if I select "Access" as the mode I can only select the existing VLANS defined for the GUEST SSID's and not the "intranet" vlan.

I tried setting up a VLAN and allowing intranet access, however, when looking at DHCP, will it use the DHCP reservations of the intranet or not...

I’ve been testing the vlan setup, some initial bugs:

Selecting a subnet with lower IP range results in not getting an IP for the clients at all.

DHCP reservations are not possible for the VLANs

DHCP reservations are limited to 64 clients… way too little in an IOT household. For a PRO router I expected a much more.

VLANs assigned to multiple Ethernet ports and WLAN are in splended isolation, I need them to be one VLAN without port isolation. This also inhibits using a dhcp outside the router (I hoped that would solve the dhcp reservation issue for me).

Double NAT blocks usage of DDNS, this is simple to solve for ASUS.

For now the router will be returned, I will go back to my previous setup (a router for each vlan and back to AC) I might try again once this is out of beta and Merlin has a release ready.
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