AX88U reboot auto-upgraded, can I still flash?


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Bit of a merlin noob here, but dangerous enough to get things configured correctly.

As the title suggests, I was ready to flash and did a GUI reboot which upgraded my AX88U to

Will I be ok flashing the file labeled "RT-AX88U_386.3_2_cferom_ubi.w"? Or do I have to wait for the [...].386_4 release?
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Firmware, stock or RMerlin, are self-contained so, as mentioned, you can manually load any reasonably current version (once in a while there are restraints based on the file system that you may have to look out for, but not in this case).

2 things though, a manual reboot would not "cause" a firmware update, so you should look at the settings and decide if you want to enable automatic updates or not and set the option accordingly (I'd suggest not, but up to you).

When switching firmware "flavours" (stock to RMerlin and vice versa), you should perform a manual reset and configure all the settings from scratch (i.e. don't load a saved configuration file) to ensure the smooth operation of your unit. This isn't usually required for updates within a stream, but is a really good idea when switching.


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Thank you so much! It worked!

Life's short and we are all going to die eventually so I figured I should just try it. Plus, Bestbuy is still open nearby.

I'm now looking into Cake configurations and having a blast.

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