bug in media bridge mode (rt-ac66, rt-ac86)

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hi all, found a strange issue with media bridge mode. i bought a brand new rt-ac66 and also a rt-ac86. out of the box, i configured them to media bridge mode without ever configuring them as either router or ap mode.

they connect to my ap, no problems and report great connection rates (1300mbps, etc). I then run a bandwidth test a local isp.

My network connectivity looks like this:

(1gbps dl/40mbps ul) internet -> cable modem -> rt-ax88 -----wireless------ rt-ac66 or rt-ac86-->computer

everything is wired except for the ax88 to ac66/ac86 link. that link reports great rssi/snr and also a very fast link rate.

speedtest to a local isp report 50-60mbps or maybe even 90mbps.

i replace the ac66/ac86 with my older ac87 router and for the same config above, it's able to achieve 600mbps.

hard reset of the routers multiple times doesnt help. in media bridge mode, there are wireless settings so i couldn't change anything else.

the fix: i did a hard reset of the router(s) and configured the ac86 or ac66 as a router first then i changed the config to media bridge mode. now in the exact same setup as above, i'm able to achieve 600-700mbps from the isp.

sounds like something isn't being configured correctly when going directly to media bridge mode, whereas configuring first as router configures the hardware correctly so that when i then switch to media bridge mode it works correctly.



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I'm confused. What routers are you actually using? There is a discrepancy between the title and the body of the post.

Did you update the new routers to the latest firmware at any point?


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i was replacing an older rt-ac87 with initially an rt-ac66 then i tried an rt-ac86.

firmware updated to both latest asus and merlin versions. hard resets done multiple times as well as wps hard reset.
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What is a hard reset to you? Asus routers are unaffected by a 30/30/30 reset.

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