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DSL AC52u connection timeout while gaming

Discussion in 'ASUS AC Routers & Adapters' started by Outlawz, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Outlawz

    Outlawz New Around Here

    Jan 12, 2019
    Hello forum,
    i am of great need of advice, i own the asus dsl-ac52u modem/router which i use like a router, connected through e-wan on my isp's modem/router. while i try to play(LoL , Fortnite etc) any online game connected through the asus router i get many and constant "connection timeout" errors (in game) this happens in multiple pcs and ps4 , both wifi and Ethernet connections. funny thing its that if i switch to the main modem router the game plays smoothly without any problem. while gaming the ping its low on both asus and main modem/router and the speed its high vdsl 50mbps no problem there, to me its seems like the asus router freezes and stops working for 1-2 seconds (in which i get the connection timeout error) and then resumes like nothing happened.
    things i tried so far(and nothing changed the problem)
    * changed house , so there is no fault with cables , electricity , isp area problem.
    * changed ISP
    * tried to replaced the asus dsl ac52u through warranty procedure, but the technician didnt see any problem so it didnt got replaced...
    *tried to change almost all the options available and messed up with the settings but with out any effort
    *put a fan on the unit in order to keep it cool, didnt make any difference

    firmware its up to date but that didnt help either.
    the dsl ac52u works pretty well in all of its features but this problem is consistent from day 1 , i dont think its normal since any cheap switch attached to the main modem router will work just fine, why the asus which is not cheap cannot do the same>?

    i am willing to try everything you suggest or else this router is a totally waste of hard earned money
    :) thank you for your time people!!!