[Fork] Asuswrt-Merlin 45EC High NVRAM Usage

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I just did a factory reset yesterday on my router AC68U running John's latest fork and everything works well. However, I noticed that after doing a factory reset with the latest 45EC the NVRAM usage was already at 64% without anything having been configured. After doing a restore using the NVRAM utility on this site, the NVRAM usage shot up to 94% even after using the clean restore option on the utility. I guess my question is does the NVRAM usage at 64% right after a factory reset seem right? Before I did the factory reset and restore function my NVRAM usage was always around 87% so I find it kind of odd that it's shot up so high. Thanks for any insight.


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@atkinsom Can you remove the "Release" prefix from the title please. This thread isn't a release announcement.


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Thanks John appreciate the info. Colin, prefix removed. Thanks


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You can use some commands through ssh to offload certificates to jffs to lower nvram utilization. Look at the Fork options listed in the text file when you unzip the downloaded file...

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