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GeForce NOW QoS on RT-AX86U Pro?

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Just doing some more comparing of settings between a RT-AX86U running 386.7.2 and a RT-AX86U Pro running 388.4 and I noticed that the RT-AX86U Pro doesn't have the option to enable GeForce NOW QoS Upnp Control on the Adaptive QoS->QoS page. Has this feature been removed in the 388.x firmware or does it just not apply to the Pro version of the RT-AX86U router?

Not on the Pro Asus firmware.
To shape GeForce Now these are the ports:

  • 49003 – UDP Inbound AUDIO
  • 49004 – UDP Outbound AUDIO
  • 49005 – UDP Inbound VIDEO
  • 49006 – TCP/UDP Outbound/Inbound Remote Input

No need to spend in pro/ultra/gamers edition router....

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