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GT-AX11000 Pro 5GHz Channels Missing/Unavailable

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So I suppose I'll start with a rough layout of the network to try to explain why I'm trying to do things the way I am. I have 500mbps fiber, and recently picked up a GT-AX11000 Pro (upgraded to latest Merlin 388.2) to upgrade my network. I've hard wired a number of devices with cat6 - 2 ps5s, 2 tvs, and a desktop computer. Only things running wifi on this router are a couple cell phones/laptops, but several do have UNII-4 support, and I intend to take full advantage of that. There's also a Linksys WRT32x "gaming" router that I'm using as a dedicated network for Nest smart/security devices - deadbolt, cameras, etc, which is all hardwired back to the Asus. However, the location of that router is dead in a corner of my house, as one camera is about 100 feet away on the back side of the shed. Far from ideal, but on the 2.4GHz network it still makes a good enough connection to function. There's also a Nest connect that uses virtually zero bandwidth on the 2.4. I'm trying to keep all other devices on the 5GHz side of this, which is manually set to ch36/80MHz.

I'm trying to set up the Asus router 5GHz networks to both use higher channels to minimize interference - I want to set both Asus 5Ghz radios on the north side of the DFS spectrum. 5Ghz-2 won't allow me to select under Ch100, which I don't mind - its currently running UNII-4 channels no problem at 80MHz. However, the 5GHz-1 radio will not allow me to pick a channel above 64 - the list just stops. I'm assuming the intent was to not have the two radios clashing with each other, especially considering not many people will take advantage of those upper frequencies. But is there really no way for me to manually force 5GHz-1 into channels 149+? There should be plenty of room for them to co-exist. I'd rather not be forced to drop the "smart" network down to ch32/20 just to avoid channel congestion, and I'd rather not drop the Asus wifi down to 40MHz width. I live in a rural enough area that I don't need to worry about neighbor networks, and the footprint of my house isn't large enough that I'm concerned about interference - at the furthest indoor point from the Asus router, I can still hit ch177/160MHz width reliably, and although the link rate drops a bit, it's still plenty fast.

I've been searching for answers not just here but across the internet, and either I'm using the wrong queries, or no ones had this problem before, as I haven't turned up anything relevant.

Edit: Before it comes up, I know there is the option of switching the smart network to a higher frequency and leaving Asus 5G-1 on the lower frequency. However, the Asus is pretty well located - the Linksys is not. I had hoped to use the lowest frequency possible on the linksys for slightly better penetration/less interference, and use all higher frequencies on the Asus networks since you're never too far away or have too many solid objects in between you and the router.
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Welcome to the forums @erfoster.

No, there is no way to do that. The gimmicky GT-AX11000 Pro 2 radio, 3-band router simply can't be used like that. the 5GHz band is split into two for a reason (marketing).
Welcome to the forums @erfoster.

No, there is no way to do that. The gimmicky GT-AX11000 Pro 2 radio, 3-band router simply can't be used like that. the 5GHz band is split into two for a reason (marketing).
Damn. I could see that being the default but was hoping maybe Merlin would give a little better control over something like that. Guess I'll just have to give the smart network the middle ground. I thought about going with a higher end router but figured I probably wouldn't see the benefit, and this has so far been a significant improvement over my prior. I'd love to upgrade to gigabit fiber, at which point it would have made more sense, but for the 5% of the time I could utilize that speed it's not worth double the cost unfortunately. Appreciate the response!
Buy two routers instead to get two full range 5GHz bands.

No, one, single router will ever give you this option (at least not in one 'box', with components mere inches apart).

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