PC ethernet kills WAN on RT-AC88U

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So i recently built a new computer and am getting some REALLY odd issues on my router.

Hear me out.....

On some power cycles/cold boots of the PC - the router would reboot when connected to it...then come online good - most times its fine..

It was random - i've swapped out cables and even moved the router to a different circuit to rule out some sort of electrical interference obviously ethernet is connected so not fully isolated..

Anyway - today i decided to upgrade to the DEV insider build for win10 and got a bsod IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL on the upgrade on TCPIP.sys - when it rolled back i did it again and yep again the rt88u did a similar thing - WAN disconnected router stayed online.

interestingly enough if i let it hang on the bsod without restating it - the WAN connection does not reconnect.

As soon as i power it off - it reconnects.

The board is a MSI x570 tomahawk and the ethernet is onboard - Realtek® 8125B 2.5Gbps LAN Controller

Anyone seen this before?

Probably doesn't make a difference but im running the latest build for the ac-rt88u RT-AC88U_384.19_0


New Around Here
FYI, this appears to be caused by enabling aidisk and usb3.

after disabling both of these features stability has returned.

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