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RC-AC5300 Alexa/ifttt - Needs WebAcess/DDNS but is in 'Router' mode (behind virgin hub 3.0)

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I have a AC5300, which is used purely as a router. It is connected to a Virgin Hub 3.0 (which is purely used as a modem).

I want to use Alexa & ifttt with the router. It is supported on the AC5300. The docs state however that I need to ensure that "Web Access from WAN and DDNS Client are enabled and working properly."
However , it seems to me like both of these functionalities would need to be enabled on my modem, rather than on the asus router - as it is the modem that faces the internet.

Attempting to enable ddns gives an error "Request error! Please try again." and states this on the page:

I could enable web access on the Router, but I dont know if this is relevant as its behind the virgin modem.

Could some kind soul please explain what/how I might go about resolving this please?
  • Can I still setup DDNS on the Asus from behind the Virgin modem? (it has no ddns feature)
  • What might I need to set on the Virgin Modem to allow the WebAccess and the DDNS to work?
  • can I use a 3rd party ddns?

Also,just curious - what part does the ddns actually play in the setup of alexa/ddns ? (in laymans terms pls!:) )

Are you assuming the Virgin Hub 3 is in modem mode, or have you followed the instructions at:
If you've not previously done that, then making those settings should fix the NAT and DDNS warnings.
While I'm often saying about not getting too paranoid, I'd be reluctant to enable Alexa integration with the router, unless you have the absolute strongest possible password protecting the router.
Cheers for the response @Crimliar - Will try that later. in fact I still have the virgin set as modem/router, (I used it's wifi for guests) .

Whats the potential risk there? I've been very reluctant to enable web access to anything - is this the risk you refer to? (FWIW I have bullet proof pwds on literally everything.. much the the annoyance of wife/daughter 😂)
in fact I still have the virgin set as modem/router, (I used it's wifi for guests) .
This directly contradicts what you said in the first line of your initial post. Perhaps you need to describe your complete setup and what exactly you're trying to achieve. There are often multiple ways to achieve the same thing.
There is a chance this is a firmware bug message and DDNS in double NAT is actually working:


What needs to be done is Asus WAN IP placed in DMZ on the carrier provided modem/router.

The message above is present even in current 388 firmware series firmware, but external WAN IP detection was added to Asuswrt in late 386 firmware.

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