RT-A86 running 388.1 lost Diversion, spdNerlin & FlexQoS after several power losses

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New Around Here
I recently setup router ~2 weeks ago and had it working fine after tinkering with wifi tweaks. Today, I was redoing electrical wiring which required me to throw a few breakers multiple times, one being the one that powered my router.
When done, I realized my NordVPN was not connecting and had lost the custom config settings. I reset the VPN config and was good to go. I then realized the 3 scripts I had loaded were no longer visible in the admin menu.
FlexQoS, spdMerlin, Diversion are no longer visible in my menu's and am wondering how that happened?
I am not very familiar w/the differnt boot areas of the rounter (if it does have two) so may it have booted to a stock 388.1 boot?

I saved the router settings a few days ago so if I restore will I need to do a reset of router prior to restoring?

Thanks for any info you might have on why I lost my settings.


New Around Here
I'd do a hard reset and then restore your saved settings. If it doesn't work, then do a hard reset again and configure everything from scratch.
Thanks. I did a hard reset and configured from scratch. Helped me get used to putty/amtm etc. and I was also unsure if I had initially done the swap file on my usb stick correct.

One question I do have is whether or not installing a swap file on my usb stick enables the Samba share by default as I saw it enabled. Is that required?

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