RT-AC3100 need help flashing old firmware

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Hey Guys!

I have searched high and low, and it seems that I cannot find what I am looking for - I need help!

I decided to try DD-WRT, thought I had done enough research, pulled the trigger, and everything went off without a hitch. After running the firmware for a bit, I decided that I didn't care for it. My WiFi speeds are horrendous (even after using recommended settings).

So, I started looking into Merlin, and I decided that I would give that a try. Downloaded the firmware, went to install using the Restoration Tool, and it failed.

Before we go any further, I DID clear the NVRAM before flashing and I DID enter recovery before flashing. The file uploaded to about 75% and cancelled. Immediately, I started doing some research and came across some info that I never would have found in my research prior to this adventure. It seems that the partition in DD-WRT is for a 32MB rootfs; however, there are no current firmware builds that are less than 32MB. I have searched everywhere for an older version of ASUSWRT and ASUSWRT-Merlin that I could flash to change the partition size, then upgrade to a newer version, BUT I cannot seem to find one.

I did try the Merlin 384.19 (as it is 33.9MB), but that one failed to upload at around 95%.

I screwed up, I should have done more research prior to flashing DD-WRT, but I guess we are beyond that now.

Anyway, does anyone know of a workaround? Or is there anyone that would be willing to offer a stripped down version of Merlin that is sub 32MB?

Thank you so much, in advance, for your time and expertise!


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Or is there anyone that would be willing to offer a stripped down version of Merlin that is sub 32MB?
I think you just got REALLY lucky :)
Turns out I had saved a copy of the repo I used to create a build for someone with an AC88 in the same predicament. Check here and you'll find a build for an AC3100 that you can try.


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