RT-AC86U_386.5_2 to RT-AC86U_386.7_2 introduced WiFi issues?


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I recently updated from RT-AC86U_386.5_2 to RT-AC86U_386.7_2 ... did it introduce WiFi issues?

I have had several devices have connectivity issues since the day I ran the update after nearly 6 months of zero issues on 386.5_2. The devices happen to be the furthest devices from the router but they never had connectivity issues before. They include alarm system, garage opener, etc. Nothing else has been changed.

I reverted back to 386.5_2 to see if things improved and they seem to have resolved. Does anyone know what bug might have been introduced in 386.7_2?



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In my own experience some devices do not restore connection or it takes time on router reboot running 386.7_2 firmware. No issues with 386.5_2 firmware. I only play with the router, not used for Internet access and not part of my main network, but I've seen this happening as well.


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2 out of 3 of my Daikin airco devices (those 2 "far away" from the router) shows sometimes a warning message indicating that Wifi signal is low and this is new with 386.7_2 (never happened with 386.5_2)
Sometimes they reconnect on their own, like some of my TP-Link homeplug devices ...

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