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Use one fibre wifi contract for two apartments next to each other using mesh tech but signal is weak - any solutions?

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chHey guys,

I have two large 270 square metres duplex 4-bedroom apartments, that are next to each other, separated by two walls and a space of about 3.5 metres (see picture below).

One unit has strong wired fibre internet subscription. I was hoping to use this same internet subscription for both units, and use mesh wifi technology to extend the wifi to the other house.

I bought many linksys nodes at a clearance prices, this is the first ever linksys mesh nodes with a coverage of 1,500 square feet


I placed the wifi nodes and my second unit gets a weak signal. Even though I have many nodes in the second unit, the signal is weak and unstable because the connection between the two units is weak (because of the space and the two walls).

Now i am thinking whether if i upgrade the connecting nodes to one with a stronger signal, and buy one or two as the “bridge”, will this work? and i’ll use the lower level models for around the house.

Any tips to make this work? These two units are for Airbnb and remote working too so the speed must be fast and stable, and i would prefer not to need to sign up for a new plan since its expensive and my two places are right next to each other.

fast, stable does not equal "mesh". Mesh for the most part is marketing hype.

If you want those two things, use APs hardwired with CAT6 ethernet to a switch in a climate controlled closet with Gbit/s ethernet ports. Connect the switch in each building to your main router Gbit ports. That is a base starting point for "fast, stable".

Security between users may be an issue. Liability for what one of your users does with the internet may also be an issue.
Suggest hiring a pro to design and install your network with security, stability, and speed in mind rather than ad hoc it.

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