XT8 - possible to use 5GHz-2 in Bridge mode?


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Hi, question is as per the subject - does anyone know if it's possible to use 5GHz-2 in Bridge mode? It seems to be limited to 5GHz-1 for the bridge.

When I try manual settings for the bridge, and select 5GHz-2, it goes into a mode where the LED flashes blue, which appears to mean it's trying to join a mesh.

Does entering details for the 5GHz-2 network automatically put it into AIMesh mode?

Many thanks


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I don't know if that will work or not. I do know that when you put a satellite XT8 in bridge mode, the main unit sees it as a plain old client, not an AIMesh node. So possibly the step you are missing is to configure the main unit to allow client connections on the 5GHz-2 radio. (By default, it'll only allow 5GHz-2 connections for wireless backhaul from AIMesh nodes.)

If you have success, please let us know! (And mention which ASUS firmware version you're using, because it likely matters.)

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