1. M

    RT-AC86U and RT-AC68U in Aimesh setup. ethernet backhaul not working

    so i have an rt-ac86u running merlin 384.13 version and acting as aimesh router. also i have a rt-ac68u running on stock 300438445717, acting as an aimesh node. my problem is that although i set the aimesh config to ethernet, it is stuck on 5g connectivity. how can i troubleshoot this? is...
  2. I

    RT-AC66U B1 connection problems

    Hi, I have AiMesh network with DSL-AC68U as mesh router and RT-AC66U B1 as node connected via Ethernet with a long distance (about 20m, or 65 7 feet) cat7 F/FFTP cable. So my small home network contains DSL-AC68U->cat6 cable->keystone jack->cat7 ->keystone jack->cat6 cable->RT-AC66U B1. I...
  3. H

    5GHz SSID on AiMesh node is not accesible

    Hi all, I have an RT-AC5300 as main router and a RT-AC68U that I would like to use as AiMesh Node. Both routers has the last available firmware that appear to be the same version. I entered in the admin page of RT-AC5300 and added AiMesh Node (rt-ac68u) all is working it seems but I noted one...
  4. C

    Asus AIMesh - how to 'push' network changes to nodes

    ## Posted in wrong forum - moved to correct location ##
  5. RMerlin

    [Beta] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.13 Beta is now available

    Asuswrt-Merlin 384.13 Beta is now available for all supported models. While the list of changes isn't as long as recent releases, this one introduces some significant changes, primarily in supporting AiMesh (for compatible models). The highlights: AiMesh support for both router and nodes...
  6. C

    AiMesh - Does Scheduled reboot of AiMesh Router reboot AiMesh Nodes?

    Greetings, I have a AiMesh Network comprised of three RT-AC68Us. I am running the current firmware on all three RT-AC68Us. Due to some stability issues, I thought that I would set up a scheduled reboot in Administration/System in the GUI. Will the scheduled reboot of the main router also...
  7. RMerlin

    [Experimental] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.13 test - AiMesh/DNSSEC through OpenSSL

    First, the teasers: And: dnsmasq OpenSSL support Dnsmasq uses nettle to handle the crypto portion of DNSSEC, which limits the supported ciphers. @themiron implemented OpenSSL support in dnsmasq, which opens the door for supporting more ciphers. The implementation required a fair amount of...
  8. Brad Isaac

    Some AIMesh Advice needed

    Hi, I have an RT-AC68P and an RT-AC68U. Currently, I have the RT-AC68U set up as the main mesh router and the RT-AC68P as the Node. They are connected via wifi. It show 2.4G under the AiMesh column under Network Map tab. Is that right? 1. Having learned the P is better hardware than the U...
  9. J

    AiMesh issue with constant pauses, hiccups

    I have an odd problem that so far I haven't seen discussed in any forum (please correct me if i'm wrong on that!) I have a very large home 3 stories each level about 1400 sq ft. (only two levels are occupied - long story). So i bought an Asus AC88u to start, was very happy with it, gives...
  10. G

    ASUS RT-AC86U Antenna Upgrade / ai mesh

    Hi, so I have a RT-AC86U which is currently plugged into coaxial cable in my kitchen on the ground floor directly beneath my room, this is the most efficient place I can have my router as I'm limited by the cable length so not much option to move it around or upstairs. So the wifi signal has to...
  11. k13p

    2xAsus RT-AC88U AiMesh DualWAN setup troubleshooting

    Hi all, I have two RT-AC88U routers combined into AiMesh network: Firmware Version: (afaik latest) Router 1 is configured as AiMesh master. Router 2 is configured as AiMesh node. ISP1 -- (Ethernet cable) -- Router 1 WAN Port ISP2 -- (not connected yet – waiting for ISP to...
  12. T

    ASUS Blue Cave + 2 x Lyra-mini (aimesh)

    Hi, I have configured my ASUS Blue Cave as my main AIMesh router. I have connected through wired connections 2 x lyra-mini aimesh nodes. A switch is linking all 3 together. Both nodes show off in the Asus Blue Cave Aimesh config page, so that's working. My Asus Blue Cave is sending out a 2,4...
  13. W

    RT-AC86U AiMesh - wifi printer

    I have 2 RT-AC86U for AiMesh. Whenever both my laptop and printer (HP7440) are connected to the same device thru wifi (e.g. both connected to AiMesh node) it works. When my laptop and printer are NOT on the same device (e.g. laptop connect to AiMesh client while printer connect to AiMesh node...
  14. HuskyHerder

    iOS Shortcuts app - NetworkCheck

    This is a new version of my shortcut for iOS. I wanted to give you all an update on the progress. Ive ended up re arranging way, way, more inside the shortcut than I initially thought. I ended up chasing my tail looking for a gremlin in the works. I never could find it till I got home last...
  15. S

    Finally, AIMesh update as smooth as Google Mesh

    System: Main AP: RT-AC3100 Mesh APs (wired): RT-AC1900/RT-AC68R Clients: 15 wired, 10 wireless Comment: Last evening, the phone app update to 45713 firmware took less than 10 minutes and was flawless. No reboots, no problems. This was the first time this has happened for me...
  16. M

    AIMesh Node setup with slow node speeds w/wire

    Hello, This is my first post here and couldnt really find one like what issue im having. So i was perviously running a wireless aimesh system Main router being my GT-AC5300 and my node router being my old rt-ac68w and they are both updated with the most fresh firmware. I decided to change the...
  17. C

    Problems adding Blue Cave to existing Aimesh

    These blue cave APs are a great price point, but I'm not sold on their functionality. I was able to add on to my existing network, but it causes stability issues and there is an SSID broadcast with no password. This ONLY happens when the Blue Cave is on. I'm also having an issue trying to add...
  18. Shah Saad

    Can I connect the modem to AiMesh Node instead of AiMesh Router?

    I recently purchased two AC86U routers and got them both working as AiMesh network. One router is acting as a AiMesh Router while the other is acting as AiMesh node. Both are connected to each other with a cable as backhaul. My modem is obviously connected to the AiMesh Router, but the problem...
  19. O

    Guest Network on AiMesh node?

    I am currently running two RT-AC68U's on my network; one is the primary router, and the second is the AiMesh node. Both units are on the latest firmware. Overall, it's been pretty stable with almost 40+ clients connected on a daily basis (e.g. IP cameras, thermostats, kids'...
  20. J

    Restore settings from Merlin back to original

    Is it possible to restore the settings built in merlin-fw at a router with original-fw? I need to try AiMesh and this is not supported by our beloved Merlin firmware. I'm working with two AC68u