1. J

    Need Help and Advice for Two RT-AC68U's with Aimesh AccPt w/ethernet

    Howdy, Folks, An old noobie here, been lurking for a few weeks, now I'm ready to pop the question and show my ignorance, because I have no doubt you guys are the best in the world at what you do. I recently purchased a new pair of AC68U's for my home/office network. I have a small office...
  2. L

    aIMesh when router has OpenVPN with policy routes?

    Hi! Would like to use my 68U to improve the WiFi, but is that possible when I have OpenVPN with policy routes on the 86U?
  3. A

    New GT-AC2900 won't join AiMesh as a node

    I have an RT-AC5300 as the AiMesh Router and tried setting up the GT-AC2900 as a node, but it keeps failing. I then setup the AC2900 as a normal router and checked for a firmware upgrade (since it is new out of the box) and it said that it is up to date. Any suggestions?
  4. monakh

    [384.13] AX88U and AC5300: Can't complete AIMESH setup

    Hello all, I am having a heck of a time trying to set up the AX88 as the main router and my old but faithful AC5300 as the AIMESH node. The AX88U is running the latest Merlin while the AC5300 was switched from Merlin 384.13 to the latest Asus firmware (I believe that's recommended by Merlin)...
  5. D

    Philips Hue Bridge & Sonos connected to AiMesh node randomly not discoverable on LAN

    When it happens I can still ping everything connected to the node just fine from behind the master AP. Everything on the node still has internet. But, for some reason the Hue app will connect via WAN instead of LAN, which still works, but the Sonos speakers disappear from the app (besides the...
  6. B

    AIMesh with ethernet backhaul VS AP Mode with ethernet

    Hi, I have a few asus merlin routers in AP mode with an ethernet backhaul to the main router. Is there any benefit in switching to AIMesh with ethernet backhaul? cheers Chris
  7. ketonic

    Different versions (?) of RT-AC66U B1 HW Ver B2 causing Mesh Issue

    I am trying to setup a mesh network with 3 ASUS router, all RT-AC66U B1 HW Ver B2, but i am not able to connect the 3rd and oldest one of them to the network, not as a mesh node or router. The old one is built in 2017 (triangle label) and two are new (square label) purchased just for the soul...
  8. S

    [Feature Discussion] The Fabled Roaming Block List

    Okay, So I have added all my "stationary" devices to this list. When I mean stationary, I mean devices that never move or change location. I feel as though there is no real need or added benefit to allowing these devices to be roamed between nodes. I am starting this thread to see if any one...
  9. bitberserker

    AiMesh Daisy-Chain Topology

    RT-AC5300 x3, Daisy-chain Topology for AiMesh The last node in the chain reverts to a star topology using the master router 5ghz dedicated backbone radio despite having terrible signal quality (-87dbm), and great quality to the middle node (-60dbm), after changing...
  10. dbareis

    Merlin on RT-AX92U with AiMesh?

    The "RT-AX92U" is not listed as supported or unsupported and I've seen posts that at least imply people are using it on this router. I don't want to lose AiMesh, so can anyone confirm it works well, particularly with AiMesh? Is there any way I can transfer the existing configuration to the new...
  11. octopus

    AiMesh Router/Nod suggestion(s)

    I have a problem / question. I have set up the AiMesh router and AiMesh node and wonder if anyone has blocked a client from roaming to the node. So stay on the AiMesh router. Roaming Block List only prevents roaming between nodes. They work fine with all wifi clients who are PHY "AC" the one...
  12. M

    RT-AC86U and RT-AC68U in Aimesh setup. ethernet backhaul not working

    so i have an rt-ac86u running merlin 384.13 version and acting as aimesh router. also i have a rt-ac68u running on stock 300438445717, acting as an aimesh node. my problem is that although i set the aimesh config to ethernet, it is stuck on 5g connectivity. how can i troubleshoot this? is...
  13. I

    RT-AC66U B1 connection problems

    Hi, I have AiMesh network with DSL-AC68U as mesh router and RT-AC66U B1 as node connected via Ethernet with a long distance (about 20m, or 65 7 feet) cat7 F/FFTP cable. So my small home network contains DSL-AC68U->cat6 cable->keystone jack->cat7 ->keystone jack->cat6 cable->RT-AC66U B1. I...
  14. H

    5GHz SSID on AiMesh node is not accesible

    Hi all, I have an RT-AC5300 as main router and a RT-AC68U that I would like to use as AiMesh Node. Both routers has the last available firmware that appear to be the same version. I entered in the admin page of RT-AC5300 and added AiMesh Node (rt-ac68u) all is working it seems but I noted one...
  15. C

    Asus AIMesh - how to 'push' network changes to nodes

    ## Posted in wrong forum - moved to correct location ##
  16. RMerlin

    [Beta] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.13 Beta is now available

    Asuswrt-Merlin 384.13 Beta is now available for all supported models. While the list of changes isn't as long as recent releases, this one introduces some significant changes, primarily in supporting AiMesh (for compatible models). The highlights: AiMesh support for both router and nodes...
  17. C

    AiMesh - Does Scheduled reboot of AiMesh Router reboot AiMesh Nodes?

    Greetings, I have a AiMesh Network comprised of three RT-AC68Us. I am running the current firmware on all three RT-AC68Us. Due to some stability issues, I thought that I would set up a scheduled reboot in Administration/System in the GUI. Will the scheduled reboot of the main router also...
  18. RMerlin

    [Experimental] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.13 test - AiMesh/DNSSEC through OpenSSL

    First, the teasers: And: dnsmasq OpenSSL support Dnsmasq uses nettle to handle the crypto portion of DNSSEC, which limits the supported ciphers. @themiron implemented OpenSSL support in dnsmasq, which opens the door for supporting more ciphers. The implementation required a fair amount of...
  19. Brad Isaac

    Some AIMesh Advice needed

    Hi, I have an RT-AC68P and an RT-AC68U. Currently, I have the RT-AC68U set up as the main mesh router and the RT-AC68P as the Node. They are connected via wifi. It show 2.4G under the AiMesh column under Network Map tab. Is that right? 1. Having learned the P is better hardware than the U...
  20. J

    AiMesh issue with constant pauses, hiccups

    I have an odd problem that so far I haven't seen discussed in any forum (please correct me if i'm wrong on that!) I have a very large home 3 stories each level about 1400 sq ft. (only two levels are occupied - long story). So i bought an Asus AC88u to start, was very happy with it, gives...