AC68U - ADSL for downloads, 4g USB for uploads?

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I have had a long day battling against losing my ADSL connection, banging my head with telephone support, purchasing a 4g USB dongle and configuring that.
My head hurts.

Anyway, one thing to come out of this is that is that I have found out my 4g provider gives me 30x quicker uploads than my ADSL. I get 1Mb upload via my ADSL and when I do, the downloads freeze to virtually zero.
I'm in Australia BTW - our internet is amongst the worst on earth, but we do have the beaches.

So - my tired head has had a thought - when all this is over - is it at all possible to send all upload traffic through my 4g USB and all downloads through my ADLS? Or are these just the thoughts of a rambling idiot?

It would make my life so much easier in a way that this bourbon can not. (Though, after days like this, bourbon is answer to almost every question).

Hoping the snb/merlin community can answer my prayers without telling me off for not doing my research.




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Sadly not possible to split upload/download over diverse connections.

Traffic needs to flow to/from the same IP for a given connection.

If your 4G is that much quicker for upload I’d expect it is also similar/faster than the DSL for download too?

Why not just switch to a 4G connection as your main ISP?

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Thanks for the swift response JDB.
I thought not - was just in pure hope that I asked.

Yes - 4g is killing the downloads too, though I generally have just enough on ADSL such that it’s not a problem I notice.

I’d deffo go all-in in 4g, except my wallet doesn’t like 4g prices. It’s like 5x more expensive than my ADSL. I have to wait until June before finally - finally - we get fibre optic in the neighbourhood.

So maybe I’ll put up with ADSL for now, maybe I’ll go crazy and buy tons of 4g download - depends on what the bourbon tells me.

But thanks for replying mate - i do appreciate it
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Are you saying that when uploading at full speed your download is being crippled? You might want to look into some sort of quality of service to alleviate that probem.

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