ASUS router model number decoder ring


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Can someone explain what the ASUS router model numbers mean? "AX88U" AX is the Wi-Fi technology, so what is the 88U?

The numbers don't necessarily seem to be indicative of performance or superiority. I say that because the AX86U is recommended above AX88U and even over all other AX models(?).


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I see marketing involved in some popular model numbers - upgrade suggestions for direct swap with the same form factor:

RT-N/AC66U -> RT-AC66U B1
RT-AC68U -> RT-AX68U
RT-AC86U -> RT-AX86U
RT-AC88U -> RT-AX88U

Spider-Man lovers special:
GT-AC5300 -> GT-AX11000
GT-AX11000 -> GT-AXE11000

This created the numbers confusion for some. Asus is testing if the customers pay attention - AC68U, AC86U, AX68U, AX86U. :)

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