Asus RT-AX86U Aimesh - Two Unmanaged Switches on Node (one not working)


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Hello. I recently upgraded from RT-AC86U to RT-AX88U. Marginal improvement, but am finding AX devices to perform better, and overall slightly better coverage. However, in making this upgrade I added a second switch. I am running into issues connecting the second switch and maintaining wired internet connectivity on devices connected to said switch. Probably way overthinking it, but any suggestions appreciated.

All wiring terminates in a patch panel (10Gbps) in my basement allowing me to connect between rooms. Fully appreciate the blending of Cat 5e and 6 is not desirable, but to date has not been an issue and have no intentions of running new cables to rooms.

Setup 1 is desired as it has 2.5Gb backhaul. This approach then takes the two switches from ports 1 and 2 on the Asus Aimesh node, however, the second switch (lan 2 for sake of argument) does not connect any devices to the internet.
Setup 2 connects all devices, but reduces backhaul to 1.0Gb as the node follows an unmanaged Netgear GS108 limited to 1.0Gbps. I can live with this approach, but just prefer the 2.5Gb.

I'm a complete amateur with all this, but attempted to capture in image.


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