Smart Connect Rule - Fine Tuning for Epson 837 printer/scanner

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With my RT-AX88U could never get my older 2.4GHz only Epson 837 printer/scanner to connect with Smart Connect enabled. Had to disabled Smart Connect. Airtime Fairness & Universal Beamforming on 2.4GHz always have to be disabled.
Inspired by @Kal-EL a few weeks ago that Smart Connect works, had another crack at it with 384.16 Alpha. Read thru What I found to make the printer work with Smart Connect enabled, was change the default setting of "Enable Load Balance" from No to Yes and "PHY less than" to "<110 Mbps". What was interesting, after changing router settings, the printer/scanner wouldn't initially connect for about 60secs on your first attempt, then afterwards did work instantaneously.
Any ideas or mistakes i've made here?
SC 1.jpg

SC 2.jpg
Looking at my setup any ideas/tweaks/corrections?

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