XT8 using 2.4ghz as backhaul even though worse than 5ghz

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I've just picked up a pair of XT8s and have updated them to the latest firmware ( I was surprised to find that my devices were using the 2.4GHz band as the backhaul - with a 1/3 bar connection. I rebooted and they were once again connected with a 3/3 bar connection on the 5GHz-2 dedicated backhaul line. I then rebooted the routers again, and they were once again connected with a poor 1/3 bar 2.4GHz backhaul connection.

Is there a way to force these devices not to use 2.4GHz as backhaul? If not, are there settings I can tweak to reduce the likelihood they will revert to 2.4GHz as the backhaul?


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Maybe your distance between both router and nodes too far


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They’re about 15 feet apart. But what I don’t understand is why 2.4ghz is chosen when the dedicated 5ghz has - by the device’s own metrics - a better connection.

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