2.5 Gbit wired Ethernet Backhaul GT-AX11000 + 4x XT8 + QNAP QSW-M2108-2C


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Trying to get the following to work:

GT-AX11000 Connected to ISP via 1Gbit WAN port + 2.5 Gbit port connected to QNAP 2.5 Gbit port with CAT7. 4x XT8s connected using CAT7 to QNAP switch

In theory this should give me a 2.5 Gbit wired ethernet backhaul and ability to utilize triband purely for WIFI. Of course choose ethernet backhaul mode in system settings. (Tried both with this on and off with same result).

All 4 XT8 devices show up for some minutes in AImesh as 2.5 Gbit, but after a minute or so, start randomly disconnecting. There is no logic to which it chooses. Can connect 1 which works, but all goes bonkers as soon as 1 more is connected.

Is 2.5 Gbit wired backhaul with multiple devices not supported? Did anyone succeed with similar setup?

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