Help with new network, question regarding flashing TM-AC1900/AC68U

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Hey all, first I want to say that I don't think I'm violating any forum rules, at least I hope not.

I own a TM1900 that I've flashed to AC68U, then Merlin back in 2018, not knowing that it was never supported. Mea Culpa RMerlin.

My question is a two parter. I will be moving to a new home at the end of December. The new space will be more than twice the size of my current living situation, also adding a floor and a large garage. All in all it will be 2000+ sq feet. I need some help deciding what hardware to purchase to fulfill my expanded networking needs. I currently run the TMAC1900 as my main router, with an AC56R as an AP. I don't think this will be sufficient for the new home. I'd like to upgrade to more recent Asus routers supporting AiMesh. I was planning on buying an RT-AX3000, with one or two additional AiMesh routers as nodes. I wanted to use my current TM1900 as one of those nodes, but the firmware it's currently running doesn't support AiMesh (merlin 384.5).

Here is the issue. I have tried multiple times to flash it to official non-Merlin Asus firmware to no avail. I have tried upgrading, I have tried downgrading. The firmware update fails every time. This also happens with merlin firmware.

1) Could someone clue me in on why I'm unable to change the firmware?
2) I would appreciate some advice regarding the new network as well.



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It is SNBForum policy to not offer any assistance with reflashing of the TM1900.
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