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Who Uses the Standard Interface and Who Uses the ROG?

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I was just curious. I haven't even tried the ROG so I was wondering if people used it and whether they considered it worthwhile?
While the standard WebUI is "old fashioned", it's what I've become used to, and mostly makes more sense than the ROG WebUI. So I mostly use the standard WebUI on my GT-AX6000
Is there another webui? Also for non ROG routers? Ive just got an AX86U Pro and thing that i didnt really like was old interface gui....
I tried to make my own but if there are also already other GUI's / themes / skins?

This is my try:

I just override exisiting main css file like:

# mount custom css
mount -o bind /jffs/custom/style.css /www/index_style.css

# OR

# unmount custom css
umount /www/index_style.css


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If there is some interest... Let me know :)
But also wondering about ROG theme or other themes that can run on other asus merlin routers...


I believe it can run on the routers that have ROG in their name. It's provided with some beta downloads, and has "rog" in the name. The main, very obvious difference is that it's a completely different theme to the standard, but it has additional functional things too. I was really interested in the additional functions, whether they are worth having or just gimmicky.

I copied this photo from another post...

Since I am not a gamer and, like others, got used to the RMerlin UI then the first thing I have done was to install RMerlin on that router.
RMerlin UI FTW!

I'll leave the fancy schmancy UI's for the tv shows. Stuff makes my eyes hurt.
Thanks for your hard work! Just been diving into asuswrt merlin this week after upgrading my r7000 to an ax86upro... 👌👍👍
It`s not mine, it`s Asus'. Just that I reuse their standard UI for ROG models as well.
While that is true, it is your personal touches and hard work making the UI and firmware solid.

We users are blessed with the fruits of your labors. With the time, effort and energy that you pour into this passion project, the props are still yours.
Yeah, I noticed. Never touched the ROG edition, just immediately flashed the Asus stock / RMerlin version onto my AX6000 after unboxing. My eyes just can't deal with that stuff long term.
skins ! giev skins ! ™
My eyes, they burnses!

Honestly, that's an improvement over the ROG. At least it is readable, though rather garish.
When I got my GT-AX6000 I started with the ROG interface but couldn't quite seem to get some options working as I wanted, so went back to the standard interface and all was fine. It was odd as I didn't reset anything during the change (as RM had said the eeprom contents should be the same for both interfaces).

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