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New modem old router switch over?

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I have an AX86U that is running fine with my ISP provided non-wifi modem. I'm switching ISP's and I'll be sending in the old modem and using the new one that the ISP provides, again, no WIFI. My question, what is the easiest way to get up and running again - without having to reset my AX86U?
Without knowing any details of your current or future ISP it might be as simple as just replacing the old modem with the new.
New ISP information in WAN settings only, eventually. Cable to cable modem - nothing, just swap the modem. No need to reset the router.
Thank you, this *sounds* like it should be easy :) I'm switching (here in Canada) from Teksavvy (rcable) to OXIO (rcable) so no changes to the WAN settings.
Just swap the modems. Share the experience. OXIO is a new player on the market. They all start cheap and friendly.

Update: Tested the online chat. Someone is reading Q&A sheets and can't find the answer to my question. Going in loops with generic answers. If you have service related issues or need installation visit - expect the usual for resellers "last on the list" service from Rogers contractor technicians. Good luck!
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