RT-AC68U Adaptive QOS default class issue on game streaming

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Good night everyone, I have recently come across to an issue after I start using Geforce Now game streaming on my mac. It seems that the data pulled from the Geforce Now labeled as default. The program streams your games from NVIDIA cloud data centers and I was wondering that is there any way to solve this puzzle because sometimes packet losses do occur and it really bums me out if I'm being honest (the screenshot was taken right after a game session while I was watching something on hulu)



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Are you using the freshness QoS script, there is gaming rules you can set aswell as a re classifying traffic.


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For some reason, I'm getting an error of /jffs/scripts resides on a read-only file system. Really appreciated for the help but I guess I have to find a way to clean up some space to make this running.

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